Saturday, July 16, 2005

Not Ditzy...but definitely Confused!

I don't consider myself to be totally confused, but certain things most certainly make my head spin. Hopefully, as you get to know me, you will figure out what makes me tick. When you do...please clue me in!

My very good friend Gill has enlightened me and has led me down the path of blog-gedness (don't look it up in the dictionary), hoping that it will serve as a canvas to let out and share my kooky stories.

See..this is the thing...I can't tell a joke. Well, I can, but no one usually laughs, which is very annoying. But, when I am recounting something I saw or happened to me, or just something out of my everyday life, people just crack up. I really don't know what that means (I hope it doesn't mean my life is a joke, 'cause that would not be amusing!).

Hopefully, I'll make you smile. If not, at least you know that there is someone out there crazier or kookier than you are.

Looking forward to showering you with unsolicited Close Encounters of the Insane Kind!


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