Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chicken Shu Mai and Blistered Tomatoes - 230 calorie Bento

I love tiny food - hence my bento appreciation. I love all types of things in a different plate. I love color. Except for my clothing (I love black and all shades of it - hahaha), I don't live a monochromatic life. My artwork on my walls is very colorful. That usually applies to my food too. I remember that once I ended up cooking steamed cauliflower, chicken and mashed potatoes. I put it on my plate and was horrified! How on earth did I come up with an all-white dinner? Well, I ran for the kitchen and got some mustard and ketchup and some salad greens. There's color for ya! Thanks for putting up with my rambling! Kinda hyper today!!!

Bento Content:
  • Chicken Shu Mai (173)
  • Blistered Tomatoes with Herbs de Provence (42)
  • Celery (15)

Total Bento: 230 calories

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Salmon Salad Sandwich & Apples: 301 calorie Bento

I made my go-to homemade salad - salmon salad. Everytime I make it different - this time I added low calorie mayo, dill weed, tomato, onion, parsley, yellow peppers and celery, plus a can of wild salmon packed in water. I put tons of the veggie in it to fill me up.

Notice the tea bags - the funniest tea story ever. Every time I go to my favorite chinese restaurant I have their tea. After years of wondering, I asked the owner for the brand of tea they use. He said "Hum - I don't really know the name. I just ask our supplier for restaurant tea". That struck me as odd and thought that maybe he wasn't willing to share. Oh well. A few weeks later I ventured into an Asian market and walked down the tea aisle. There were dozens and dozens of different teas and lo and behold, what do I spot? CHINESE RESTAURANT TEA! Can you believe it? That is exactly how it is called! And here I was thinking my guy in the restaurant was unwilling to share! And guess tastes exactly like his! Live and learn...

Bento Content:
  • Salmon Salad Sandwich (231)
  • Mini Apples (70)
  • Tea bags (0)

Total Bento : 301 calories

Monday, October 11, 2010

Balsamic Chicken - 252 Calorie Bento

I haven't been bento-ing much lately and when I have, I haven't been taking pics. And guess shows! I truly believe that taking pics and keeping count definitely helps the battle of the bulge. I'm going to try my best to get back into the groove, eventhough it means getting up earlier than than regular 5:40am to do my thing. Fingers crossed, here I go!!!!

Bento Content:
  • Balsamic chicken with Snow Peas and Red Peppers (200)
  • Grape Tomatoes (42)
  • Yellow Pepper Strips (10)

Total Bento: 252 calories