Saturday, February 04, 2006

It could have been me!

I heard in the news today that a lawsuit was won regarding a 'groping' incident by security in an airport. The amount awarded was US$1.8 million. Yikes...I could have been on the receiving end of that lawsuit! But, alas, I am not the litigious kind!

A few months ago, I was coming from Central America and was going to do a plane change in Puerto Rico and then to New York. On my first leg of the trip, here I am in line, when suddenly we are all instructed to get into two lines - one for men and one for women. Mind you, this was just after I had already given in my boarding ticket to the lady at the gate.

I found this odd and it should have sent me a warning signal that things were about to get stranger....but no, I was tired and only wanted to get on the plane. So, I didn't ask any questions (very odd indeed). All of a sudden, I see that the lady in front of me is told to open her legs wide and put out her arms (nothing strange yet) until....GASP! I see a hand emerging from the front of the lady and cupping the ladies butt!

Before my brain had a chance to digest what I just saw, the inspector approaches me, and without warning puts her hand on the front of my pants and proceeds to touch me (ok, grope) my frontal privates and then proceed to grab my butt and squeezes!! Then thanks me and proceeds to the next victim.

I was in total shock, my face beet red, and for once in my life I am rendered speachless. I could only say "but...but...but". I stayed for a couple of minutes trying to gather what was left of my self respect and noticed that the men on the other line were also being groped on their privates. In the men's case, their family jewels were being totally moved from their original position.

Now, I have been through enough airport security checks to know the drill, and believe me, this was totally innappropriate. Needless to say, when I told my husband, and he saw how upset I was, we called the people in charge of airport security. After many call transfers, I was told that sometimes they did that to look for drugs, and anyway Puerto Rico wasn't part of the US (hhmmm....the first I might understand, the second, well, is just lack of education).

Anyway, we were told that thanks for the info, but nothing could be done.
A few days later, we saw an interview on Larry King Live with a comedienne recounting her encounter with the same kind of thing at another airport. My hubbie and I were amused, due to the coincidence and left it at that.

Then, today, I see the news about the lawsuit. That could have been me! I could have won that 1.8 million lawsuit for sure and I could finally buy that pair of rollerskates that I want! hahaha

Oh well, just another story for my travel saga!


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Gill said...

Hey! You should have sued - and remembered your friends. We could all have retired!

Glad to see we are both back in blog mode!