Monday, March 02, 2009

Roast Beef w/Horseradish & Roasted Flat Beans - 223 calorie Bento

Well, I find this to be a non-photogenic bento...but very, very tasty!

I can't get enough of roasted green beans. These beans happen to be flat beans. This recipe transforms green beans into carmelized pieces of heavenly veggie-ness (you know what I mean). It will not work with French Beans (Haricot Vert - the skinny ones). You will need a meatier veggie because the flavor really comes out once they start to shrivel a little and get a bit brown. If you use the skinny ones, there will be no substance to nibble on!

Bento Content:
  • Roasted Flat Beans (15)
  • Mushroom Barley (14)
  • Roast Beef & Horseradish Sandwich (194)

Total Bento : 223 calories

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