Monday, August 08, 2011

Carrot & Zuchinni 'Spaghetti' - 164 calorie bento

When I was little my parents always said "don't play with your food". Funny, since for a while my parents made their living in the food business - restaurants and such. I vividly remember my Dad once making a pizza and sending the dough flying into the air - I would call that 'playing with food' - wouldn't you? hahaha

So, now that I'm a grown-up (or trying to be), it is oficially my turn to play -responsibly- with my food- hence the Bento making! This bento is definitely a fun one - I made some vegetable fake-out spaghetti. I used a spiralizer and had tons of fun - I am easily amused!

Bento Content:

  • Carrot and Zuchinni 'Spaghetti' (15)

  • Sausage and Roasted Red Bell Pepper (75)

  • Goat Cheese Medallion (70)

  • Celery (4)

Total Bento: 164 calories


Silverwing said...

What kind of 'spiraler' do you have? I'm thinking this is a kitchen toy that I need.

Z said...

I have two of them. The one that makes the strands in the pic (like angel hair) is Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer. The other one I have makes thicker strands - more like regular spaghetti and fetuccini strands is called Paderno Turning Slicer.

There are many kinds out there from inexpensive to very expensive. I went the not expensive route - the Joyce Chen I bought for US$29.00 and the Paderno I think cost me US$39.00 (if I recall correctly).

You might want to look in the internet for comparison.

Happy 'strand-ing'!