Saturday, January 03, 2009

Easy Salmon Cakes - 180 calorie Bento

These salmon cakes are very calorie 'inexpensive'. They are only 185 calories for 4 salmon cakes. Plus, they are very easy to make. The recipe follows.

Bento Content:
  • 2 Salmon cakes (93)
  • Grape tomato, Celery & Snow Peas (23)
  • Babybel Light (50)
  • Grapes (15)

Total Bento = 180 calories


SALMON CAKES (yields 1 serving = 4 cakes)

3 oz skinless/boneless Pink Salmon (I use the pouch - with water)
1/8 cup Red Bell Pepper - cubed very small
1/4 cup Onion - cubed very small
1 Tbsp Scallion - minced
1 Egg White - beaten (or 3 Tbsp. Egg Whites in container)
2 Tbsp Bread Crumbs
1 Tbsp chopped Cilantro stems
Oil Spray
Salt & Pepper

Combine all ingredients well.
Mold into 4 balls - they will feel a bit loose - that's OK. They will tighten up once cooked. Handle with care, though!
Spray oven-safe pan.
Place cakes in pan - not touching each other.
Spray a teensy bit of oil on each cake.
Cook at 425 degree Fahrenheit for 20-25 minutes (or until they feel a bit 'toasty' on the outside).

This recipe uses the pouch salmon, but you can certainly make it with fresh salmon! It will taste much better if you do.

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