Thursday, February 05, 2009

Veggie Orzo - 260 calorie Bento

Hubbie and I have been trying to lose weight - or at least not put on more. One of our downfalls has always been pasta. I've come up with a few things that help, one of them is using smaller sized pasta.

A regular portion of pasta is 2 oz! A 2 oz. serving of spaghetti, for example, is like 8-10 strands. Very unhappy looks from both of us. But, 2 oz. of cous-cous or Orzo is quite alot! So, we have been fooling our minds. We are buying the smaller sized versions of pasta - Barilla has a few of those. Also, interesting ones, like Trader Joe's Vegetable Radiatore, for example. Plus, they are great for bentos!

Today, I made Orzo with a bunch of cut up veggies. It was so tasty and so pretty. I was a happy camper. And guess what - the 2 oz serving of pasta was enough for both of us and there was a portion left over!

Bento Content :
  • Veggie Orzo (103)
  • Laughing Cow Wedge Light (35)
  • Strawberries (12)
  • Clementines (40)
  • Bite Size Everything Crackers from Trader Joe's (70)

Total Bento : 260 calories

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