Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Skewers & Sweet Pea Stuffed Mini Peppers - 204 calorie Bento

Today had skewers made out of Organic Lite Italian sausage, grape tomato & an olive. I found these sausages (Neshama brand) that are quite low in calories (just 90!) and surprisingly low in sodium (250!). Unfortunately, I had to mess it up with the olive (high in sodium). But, they were yummy...what can I say.....

I also have a large bag of raw red, orange and yellow mini peppers. I wanted to include sweet peas, so I stuffed the peppers with them. Prevented tons of rolling around in the bento box!

Bento Content:
  • Skewers on top of shredded Green Leaf Lettuce (124)
  • Mini Peppers stuffed with Sweet Peas (30)
  • Blackberries (30)
  • Grapes (20)

Total Bento : 204 calories

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