Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Bokchoy Two Ways - 153 calorie Bento

I had a bagful of Baby Bok Choy and I didn't want to have it turn on me - they are delicate things that in my experience turn easily. So, I made up the whole bag. Not that it amounts to much anyway, it wilts to almost nothing, but oh-s0-yummy. I decided to chop of the bottoms off (they look like little green roses). I made a stir fry with the leaves and I steamed the bottoms with celery and lemon pepper seasoning. Hubbie stamped his approval - yay!

Bento Content:
  • Teriyaki Glazed & Broiled Pearl Onions (25)
  • Stirfry w/Morningstar Crumbles + Yellow/Red Bell Pepper Strips + Baby Bok Choy (118)
  • Steamed Baby Bok Choy 'bottoms' & Celery (10)

Total Bento: 153 calories

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