Thursday, February 03, 2011

Skewers and Creamed Spinach - 230 calorie Bento

I love creamed spinach but I avoid it like the plague. It is usually high in calories, but I found a pre-made one that comes in the microwave steamer bags that is not too 'calorific'. The container I used is great for bentos that have something liquidy. It has a separate lid for the center part and another lid covering the whole thing. I'm guessing it was meant for dips and crudites, maybe? I'm not complaining, specially since I found it in the $1 store! Yay!

Bento Content:

  • Grilled chicken patty & Black Olive skewers (167)

  • Creamed Spinach (50)

  • Shredded Lettuce & Shredded Carrot (13)

Total Bento: 230 calories

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